One Spirit Festival

SUNDAY SEPT 29th 2019- Come to the One Spirit Festival and have a WALK-IN appointment with a reader.  There are no payments online to capture a time with any reader today.  

A Holistic and Metaphysical Fair Celebrating All Aspects of the Divine Connection

Delve into the world of seen and unseen energy at the One Spirit Festival. Sponsored by the Church of All Creation, One Spirit Festival is a biannual event in Clinton, New Jersey that brings together holistic practitioners and enthusiasts in the community. This fall, our lineup includes:

  • Healing Practitioners
  • Holistic and Craft Vendors
  • Readers
  • Speakers

September 28 and 29, 2019, Saturday and Sunday  10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.       Admission fee is $5. 

CONTACT: [email protected] 

(908)  295-8141. Diane (facilitator)

About the One Spirit Festival Symbol

We use the Native American dream catcher as our symbol because we hold the dream of unity - One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit - the energy that connects us all. That energy is expressed through the creative arts, through our innate connection with the Divine, and through the resonance of our thoughts and prayers for world peace and the highest good of all.

The simplest of gestures, a smile, helps to change the world. We hope you will smile often, today and every day, and may you walk in peace.